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Report: Manchester United have made another big money bid

So the latest report, in this crazy winter window, is that Manchester United have made a bid for the man who has incredible stats despite having the style of a very average footballer. That’s probably unfair. Thomas Muller, while unspectacular, is a model of German efficiency and Manchester United are said to have bid mega money for the lad. The Express reports:

MANCHESTER UNITED have had a £45m bid for Thomas Muller rejected by Bayern Munich, according to today’s reports.

The immediate question that you might ask in relation his one is where do you play him and whose place does he take?

The positive thing about Muller is his adaptability. He can easily play in midfield or attack, or out wide. Our initial thoughts are to pop him out wide on the right in a narrow 4-2-3-1 formation. But LvG seems insistent on the 3-5-2 right now so perhaps he would be one of the attacking midfielders in the side.

This would probably mean him taking the place of Juan Mata who, despite scoring a decent amount of goals for United, hasn’t exactly blown people away with his performances. He never seems central to a United game even if he does hit the net. Instead he flits in and out and is also susceptible to getting knocked off the ball.

We aren’t massive fans of Muller and don’t think that he is the obvious solution for Manchester Untied’s current clunkiness and overall hebetude. We think Manchester United needs more pace. If we were running things at thew club we would be looking to buy pace every time for the next 4 or 5 signings because this side relatively sluggish apart from Shaw And Di Maria.

Let’s see Muller in action

United fans: keen?


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