Broadsheet says Arsenal may have persuaded maestro to sign in stunning deal


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Jose Mourinho would probably tell you that football is about amassing points and many Arsenal fans would go along with that philosophy after recent seasons, which have promised so much but faltered virtually every spring when the big boys came calling.

But there is surely still nothing better in football than seeing a moment of true magic. A piece of skill that very much deserves a place next to a really good Picasso.

Latest broadsheet reports suggest that Arsenal are hoping that they have persuaded a player of supreme potential and ability to turn his nose up at the other mammoth suitors and sign instead for the North London club.

The Telegraph reckons:

Arsenal have made a late attempt to try to convince wonderkid Martin Odegaard to snub Bayern Munich in favour of a move to north London.

The source reminds us that the Norwegian has already been to visit Liverpool and Real Madrid,

But Arsenal are now hoping that they may have persuaded Odegaard to reconsider his options, even though he is expected to visit more clubs with Manchester City, United, Barcelona and Ajax also keen.

Basically this guy has the pick of clubs – he’s been likened to Lionel Messi so it’s easy to see why. And with his 16th birthday just days away, it’s decision time.

You might expect that Real Madrid would be the most tempting option. But the lad may have to wait for years to get a sniff of first team action at El Bernabeu, or indeed at Bayern Munich. So perhaps a stint in England first? He is said to have followed Liverpool in his early life. But, right now, Arsenal looks like a safer bet and we could see Arsene Wenger giving this lad minutes.

Let’s take a look at the lad in action. Arsenal fans: would Arsene give him game time a la Cesc?


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