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Manchester United: Giggsy’s Urgent Lesson for Di Maria



When you think about Ryan Giggs in the last 8 to 10 years of his career you probably remember a player of magnificent consistency and fitness.

But anyone who has been watching Manchester United for longer than that will know that it wasn’t always the case.

Throughout his teens, and especially in his 20s, Giggs would regularly play two or three games before picking up some kind of muscle strain.

Players with really good acceleration are possibly more susceptible to such injuries.

At the time, there was genuine concern that the Welshman’s career could be seriously affected in the long-term.

And Angel di Maria’s recent hamstring problem is not the first issue he has had with the muscles in his legs. He was regularly unavailable at Real Madrid with hamstring and calf strains too.

Giggs seemingly remedied his problem with the wonders of yoga – the transformation was quite remarkable – and he should surely be impressing upon Di Maria the importance of such studied stretching right now.

At a crucial time in Manchester United’s history they need their best players fit.

Yoga could be the perfect solution for Di Maria because these muscle problems can last for weeks at a time and Manchester United can ill afford regular absences of their new speed demon.

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