Club President reveals Manchester United bid for Maestro

Club President reveals Manchester United bid for Maestro


The speculation will intensify to a mind-boggling degree over the next couple of weeks as Manchester United have loads of cash and are apparently desperate to spend it.

But that also appeared to be the case last summer and we all know how badly that turned out.

But spend they probably will and Manchester United would struggle to find a better player than Marco Reus of Dortmund. At 25 he’s developed into a goal scoring winger with amazing balance and two lovely feet.

We think that he would improve literally any team in Europe and the Dortmund president has revealed that United have already bid for his services.

The Daily Express reports:

He said: “I don’t know where the Marco Reus rumour came from. It’s a player who, at this time, is impossible to us.

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“Look, he had an offer for a lot of money from Manchester United and he has not gone… we will not sign him with a lesser offer”.

Manchester United are desperate for pace out wide and this guy would be absolutely ideal. He can play in several positions and his two-footedness means that he could easily adapt to whichever role Van Gaal found for him.

But the suggestion from the Dortmund president is that Reus decided not to accept the offer. So this one may not be the short term solution. Nevertheless things can change quickly in the last few weeks of the transfer window so we will keep you abreast of any developments. Meantime let’s see the majestic forward in action.

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