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Published on August 14th, 2014 | by soccersweep


Chelsea: Mourinho confirms there will be another transfer

While Jose Mourinho has stated that Chelsea’s business is over for the summer no one would be surprised if they did make another move in the market before September.

But latest reports suggest that the most imminent business could be departures from the club. We have known it for some time, and Jose Mourinho confirmed that they have exceeded their quota of foreign players in the current Chelsea squad.

The Telegraph reports:

“We have one problem to resolve, that we have one extra foreign player at the moment and Victor (Moses) is not a foreign player,” said Mourinho.

“So, until the end of the month, we have to make that decision and Victor is involved in this process, and maybe stays or maybe leaves, but because he is home-grown he is something we have to analyse as well.”

The Telegraph suggests:

Petr Cech, Fernando Torres, John Obi Mikel and Marco van Ginkel chief candidates to leave Stamford Bridge before deadline closes

It’s a tricky one because all four could leave for different reasons.

Petr Cech will certainly not be happy sitting on the bench next season. If Mourinho tells him that Courtois is his number one we could definitely see a move for the excellent keeper. Real Madrid perhaps?

Torres hasn’t scored in pre-season and looks to be in terminal decline. If a decent offer came in we think that Chelsea would take it.

Obi Mikel also looks on the wane. Even though he’s only 27 he seems to have lost some of his zest and power.

And, after a real unlucky injury last season, Van Ginkel may go out on loan to get back into his stride.

It’s a really curious conundrum and one which needs a quick resolution. Chelsea fans: who would you get rid of out of the four?

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20 Responses to Chelsea: Mourinho confirms there will be another transfer

  1. lawrence says:

    I’ll keep on saying this perhaps until someone takes this into consideration.Chelsea fc need five more quality signings of Falcao Jese Pogba Benatia and Man United’s released talented lindegaard if possible also buy Wesley Sneidjer

  2. I wants Torres and Mikel out.

  3. lawrence says:

    I’ll keep on saying this perhaps until someone takes this into consideration.Chelsea fc need five more quality signings of Falcao Jese Pogba Benatia and Man United’s released talented lindegaard if possible also buy Wesley Sneidjer honestly no trophy will come flying Chelsea way unless if Mourihno and Abramovic decide to buy quality to fight for trophies.last season mourihno didn’t buy any player and he won non that was his e.g

  4. Unionjack says:

    What we need badly is another striker. Costa is perfect for us but hes going to be injured or suspended if the pre seasons owt to go by then we will be in same situation as we have been in for past 2 years. We have backups in every position apart from striker. Unless of course you count a mis firing double vision Torres or a slow supersub Drogs. We know Schurrle can score so we need to practice with him more central in the box but we need a striker above anything.

  5. bodex says:

    I want to se Mikel,torres and mose out of Chelsea fc

    • sammy says:

      For Torres you will have to wait also Mosses you have to know he is a homegrown player and as we know Lampard and Cole left and home grown players are required for their replacement.

  6. Rascal says:

    Cech & Mikel out! I know they’ve done us some good bu we seem to have cover for them. I never and still can’t beleive Van Ginkel is in the list of those to go. He is a machine!, & a well oiled one for that matter & he’ll soon be our axis ‘nd axle.

  7. paul says:

    Those of you who want mikel out are silly as he gets a British passport next month! oops we don’t need to sell anyone, however, let’s get rid of Torres

  8. Dumbi chukwutem says:

    Van ginkel should go on loan

  9. toby says:

    Torres should leave

  10. Afam says:

    Guys 4 me Torres and Mikel shld go.Mikel has paid his dues and Toress has failed us, I don’t c any tin wrong if we ve 2 best keepers in d world.Mourinho shld dam how any of will feel if any sits on d bench. There shld b strong competition among d 2. Cech is still needed. All d best 2 all chelsea fans.

  11. David. A. says:

    I don’t think Torres still possess the quality to remain chelsea player. For that he should be sold out at give away price. Jose should stop waiting for good price to come for him b4 selling him off.

  12. Asjib says:

    CFC needs another striker with champions league experience with Diego,TORRES & OBI must be sold while Peter should stay.

  13. Angelo says:

    Jose Mourinho, kindly get Torres out, in his place bring Loic Remy, the guy could turn out to be a good bargain, i have faith with good supply from our mid field Remy could prove dangerous….then sell Cech to Real Madrid

  14. salifu solomon says:

    We need remy let torres go

  15. fle says:

    chelsea shud snd torres out bcos he is a flop b4 he gos on free transfer. Mikel shud stay to strenght our sub team. Shurle shudnt b sold cos he is a material, d most performing chelsea player in brasil during d world cup. If we hv 2 world best goalkeepers its evn better after all, real madrid has 3 good keepers.

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