Manchester United: Phenomenal signing close to completion? Reports

There is an argument which suggests that Manchester United is the biggest and best club in the world. But, when it comes to transfers, they would be lucky to avoid the wooden spoon.

Of course a club of this size is going to draw great attention wherever they show interest in a player. But you don’t see Real Madrid or Barcelona stretching every deal out over entire summers. Yes, Real Madrid took a long time to get the Bale deal done. But, usually, they don’t fret over the odd million when it comes to snaring a top target.

Look at James Rodriguez. One minute Monaco are saying he’s not for sale. A few days later the lad is pictured smiling his chops off in the Real Madrid shirt. The same goes for Suarez and Barcelona. The size of the transfer fee didn’t stop Barcelona from getting this one done in the space of a couple of weeks.

So why oh why must Manchester United take so long to get deals done? Why must they put their vast support through the mill as they wait, forever, for news of a deal?

Manchester United want and desperately need Arturo Vidal. They are extremely lucky that one of the best players in the world seems open to a move to a club who aren’t in The Champions League.

Yet, the stumbling block, and the reason that we haven’t seen Vidal smiling his chops off in the Manchester United shirt, is clearly money.

United are probably haggling over a few million and putting the deal at risk. But The Metro does at least speculate today that the player has undergone a medical ahead of a move to Manchester United.

Arturo Vidal passes medical tests with Manchester United ahead of transfer

The same source reports that the vacant number seven jersey is being kept free for the player’s expected arrival.

Let’s hope for the sake of Manchester Untied fans everywhere that the club can bring this one to a ‘quick’ conclusion now. Because The Sneijder Summer Part II is looming on the horizon.

Manchester United fans: are United bungling this transfer?