Arsenal: Still not too late to sign World Class Woody

There has been a suggestion in the media over the last 24 hours that Arsenal came close to signing one of Europe’s best players before he was injured just prior to The World Cup.

Speculation comes and goes and you always need to separate the wheat from the chaff. But we can easily imagine Arsene Wenger fancying Marco Reus as a player.

First and foremost Reus is about technique. Has got a fantastic first touch and can play almost equally well off both feet.

He’s the sort of adaptable winger come forward that Arsenal seem to have a penchant for and could surely still use in the side.

The signing of Alexis Sanchez would lead many to believe that Reus, nicknamed ‘Woody‘ in Germany, would now be off the menu.

But we wouldn’t completely rule out a deal and definitely believe that Arsenal should find a place for this guy because he’s a match winner.

We still think Arsenal are a little bit light in the striker department and Reus could definitely do a job through the middle as well as on both wings.

The Germany international isn’t interested in using his skills to showboat. He’s much more about getting the job done and, as such, is one of the most efficient and deadly forward players in Europe.

Having reportedly refused to sign a new deal at Dortmund this week he does appear open to a move and Arsenal should pull out all the stops to sign him. Because, bringing in Reus could transform Arsenal from a really good team into a very special one.

Let’s have a look at Reus in action. Arsenal fans: should you splurge on Reus or concentrate on the midfield?