Manchester United Transfers: New link to phenomenal forward. No smoke without fire?

Real Madrid may not always get their transfer policy right. They went for 10 years before they won La Decima in May.

But one area of the policy, which we believe to be astute, is that they seem to want to add a forward every year – someone to freshen up the attack.

You would imagine that Manchester United will focus mainly on midfield and defensive targets this summer. But goals win games and they may well also look to bring in another forward.

soccersweep has long held the belief that there is seldom smoke without fire in the transfer market. Many to most transfer tales, regardless of whether they come off, have some substance.

So the fact that Edinson Cavani has been regularly linked to Manchester United over the last couple of years makes us believe that there has been some communication between the parties.

There is very little not to like about a player who has 179 goals in 328 club games in his career. But a report in The Mail over the weekend suggests that Manchester United may be lining up a swap deal with him and Wayne Rooney.

There is the chance a deal involving a Rooney – Cavani trade could happen, with PSG also banking some cash

Rooney may not be quite as explosive as he used to be but we don’t think it will take too long for a great football man like Louis van Gaal to realise the value and virtues of the player.

Some fans may still have a bad taste in the mouth after he seemed destined to leave the club on a couple of occasions but that was simply because he’s a born winner who wants to be achieving every season. That’s surely a reflection of how the fans feel too. They want success and won’t settle for less. All power to Rooney for keeping the bar high.

Wayne Rooney has been the most important player in The Premier League for the last 10 years. Without him Manchester United wouldn’t have won anywhere near as many trophies. He’s played in some great Manchester United teams but also dragged the club to success when the side hasn’t been so good.

So the idea of swapping him for anyone is absolutely bananas as far as we are concerned. Rooney is the heartbeat of Manchester United – as Louis will soon discover.

Let’s see Cavani in action. Manchester United fans: are we all agreed on this one?