Manchester United on the cusp of sealing €40.2m transfer according to reports

Manchester United on the cusp of sealing €40.2m transfer according to reports


This one has been building for a while and, with still no official word from either club, there is an intensifying suggestion that Manchester United are about to agree what must be seen as their major summer transfer.

Because even if they sign a player for more money this summer they are unlikely to buy anyone more important for the team than Arturo Vidal.

The Chilean international is said to be on holiday waiting to fly over for his medical after positive talks between representatives of Manchester United and the player.

The Metro reported late on Saturday:

Manchester United ‘close to signing Arturo Vidal with £32m plus Patrice Evra bid’

Manchester United are on the cusp of agreeing a deal with Juventus to sign their powerful midfielder Arturo Vidal.

Football Advisor

United have been holding talks with Vidal’s agent in the last few days and now Chilean outlet La Tercera reports an agreement is very close to sign the player.

Twinned with reports that the ridiculously overrated Angel Di Maria will reject Manchester United to play for PSG this has to be seen as a potentially excellent weekend for Manchester United.

Vidal could offer Manchester United exactly the sort of zip and drive that has been ebbing away from the United midfield over the last few years. With Anderson, Fletcher and Cleverley not stepping up to the plate it is hoped that a new partnership of Vidal and Herrera can offer the sort of combination to get Manchester United firing again.

Let’s see Vidal in action. Manchester United fans: perfect transfer?




  1. van gaal need to sign sneider and vida and di maria to rap of the midfield……di maria is the most player that will don’t want to afford to loose him to another term…..will have to sign di maria

  2. Spot on article. I have been saying all along that Di Maria is not a player for United. Not only is he ridiculously overrated, he is also ridiculously overpriced.
    I have looked at his stats in La Liga and, when you consider that there are only three really competitive clubs, they are actually very poor.
    He is good at running round in circles and falling over. The trouble is that we already have a few at United who are skilled in those arts.
    Just buy Vidal, Hummels and maybe Reus.

  3. when will are talking about player you have to look the experience a player has….Di maria is a finisher he can score and assist….will need reus that is for next season….will have to sign Di maria and give him number 7 he what it… His a big player that has all the quality….. Will need him, i don’t have our coach number i could have call him….i don’t want van gaal to make a mistake that he will regret…..will all need di maria….if will can do well this season…will need a very good leftfoot that can dribble…..van gaal need to sign him…

  4. whoever that is against the aquisation of di-maria must be an anti-christ in disguise and lack footbal mentality.what statistic are u talking about?someone that took man of d match in a champions league final including cr7,bale nd d rest,what statistic again do u need wil even regret selling him bcox such winger comes very rare.old trafford bound.Maria+vidal+hummels+de-jong d nigga+de vrij+blind+infact d dutch players can make united cox dey play wt intensity and compete wt d best not afriad of any opponent.get them for me and my love for you forever.welcome my father…Louis Van Gaal

  5. Di maria wants to play champions league nd man u did nt qualify to play champs league this season.di maria refuse to join man utd for the second time. So i hate di maria since he did nt want to join united.


  7. I wonder if you guys commenting here are just real fans, do you just dispose players as if they are gabbage? Do you think every players are umimportant? Disposing Carrick n fletcher would be the error of life, think about your backups n dont just speak cos you play such on FIFA or PES.