German master open to Manchester United move – report

German master open to Manchester United move – report


Manchester United fans are fortunate that the club needs to address several areas of their squad this summer.

So they won’t just have to accept that most of the money will be spent on defenders.

There will be some flair players coming in too.

But the defence will need at least one more major addition and Manchester United’s top target in this area could be Mats Hummels.

The Guardian reported late last night that the player is open to a move which will come as great news to Manchester United fans.

They say:

Football Advisor

The Germany defender Mats Hummels would also be open to a move to United if Borussia Dortmund agree to sell him.

The potential problem is that Barcelona have also got a reported interest and the player may well succumb to the allure of La Liga and the beautiful Catalan capital.

It’s hard to imagine Hummels not doing good job at Manchester United if he did join the club. He’s got beautiful feet and is a great passer of the ball, rather like the departing Rio Ferdinand.

But, as he has also shown in The World Cup, he’s a really powerful and commanding presence who can do the dirty work brilliantly.

We do believe that it would be an excellent purchase for Manchester United and would go some way to filling the hole in the defence caused by the departures of Manchester United’s two titans of the last decade.

With Patrice Evra also reportedly moving on, despite signing a new contract, Manchester United lack experience in there and Hummels would provide it in bucket loads.

Let’s see him in action. Manchester United fans: a must buy?




  1. Here comes another knock back turds,why on gods earth would Hummels leave a club fighting for the Bundersliga and Champions League and move too a MID-TABLE club hahahahahahaha Know your place turds 7th 😉

    • obviously we have a Liverpool fan in here, I doubt we will be a mid table club next season after buying two quality players along with a SAF type of manager. Last season was a joke because our players were not good and we had a bad manager who wasnt up to standards. we signed Luke Shaw who is a brilliant player and is for the future. Herrera played well against the top La Liga teams and is someone who we need and only a 24 year old. we can still sign top players without champions league and I don’t see Sanchez going to Liverpool because he knows they aren’t a good enough team to fit his qualities haha

  2. Tom you are an idiot man seriously, Why don’t you just stick with your team then jumping on other clubs???

    poor you!!!!

    go go Manutd!!!!!!!!

  3. If your a Liverpool clown then your on the way down – Saurez is leaving and you blew your EPL chance last season. On top this Sanchez has told you to f**-off despite you being in the CL! If your an Arsenal player then enjoy watching RvP at United because you’ll never replace him with a better striker. RvP won a EPL titles medal in his very first season at OT! On top of this Cesc Fabregas has joined Chelsea – What did Cesc say “I will never play for Chelsea.” Now Wenger wants Sanchez and will most probably get him but – how long does Wenger the joker plan to keep him from joining Man City???! lool. If your a Chelsea fan then Thank you for Juan Mata and good luck with his replacement Saleh! If your a Shite fan then you still got 18 more EPL titles to equal and start talking. Oh and three CL trophies! LMAO!!!

  4. manutd will buy what they want. because they are a great club in the world. if you want ro become a famous joint united.

    Long live united……. gogo… win all the trophy 2014-15.

    last season 7 this season will lift the trophy….

  5. After watching “Roncrete” Vlaar leading the Dutch defence and keeping Messi quite all game I think we should offer Villa a bag full of cash and bring him to Old Trafford.

  6. Buy vidal, Di maria, Mat Hummels,Gray, Toni kroos and resign the hero #7 C. Ronaldo. We will beat any club in premier league.

  7. Man utd will do well next season under van gaal bo doubt about that! Solid centre back, vidal & di maria should see them compete for the title surely.

  8. i’m sorry but Hassanrab is talking s***, do you think you are playing fifa14 ,i’ve been a utd supporter all my life but you cannot just buy everyone you would like, we need vidal, hummels and maybe di maria but give it a rest mate, oh and grow up