Manchester United want €81m man – report

Manchester United want €81m man – report


How many Manchester United fans saw that Holland result coming at the weekend?

Those loyal to Manchester United would have been particularly interested in the game with their new manager Louis van Gaal at the helm.

Looking at a largely youthful line up before the game some were concerned that Holland would under perform at the championship.
But the mobility, youthful exuberance and athleticism of the young players, combined with the unerring finishing ability of Robin van Persie and Arjen Robben meant that Holland smashed the opposition.

Manchester United fans would have been particularly pleased to have seen the way that LvG set up and managed the team.

Very few teams go with three centre backs these days and it illustrates that the Dutchman is not just confident in his own ability but is clearly something of a maverick. He’s also patently touched with genius. How Manchester United missed such a man at the helm last season.

The Daily Mail suggested over the weekend that Manchester United could go for Arjen Robben this summer. The player himself has stated that he will stay in Germany but the rumours will only intensify if Robben continues to click with RvP and LvG.

We think that Robben, who’s combined transfer fees have topped 81m Euros (3.9M to PSV, 18m to Chelsea, 35m to Real and 25m to Bayern) would be a fantastic addition to the Manchester United side and his inclusion definitely wouldn’t mean the end of Wayne Rooney.

Robin van Persie and Robben played up top for Holland against Spain to fantastic effect in a 3-5-2 formation on Friday.

We think that they could do the same thing at Manchester United with Wayne Rooney playing just behind in the Wesley Sneijder role.

With Rooney playing in the advanced attacking midfield role behind those two he would be constantly involved, providing key passes and assists, as well as helping out his midfield and turning up late in the box to score lots of goals. It’s a role which would sit him perfectly.

We think that, regardless of Robben, Manchester United could well set up in a 3-5-2 at times next season.

Manchester United fans: at the age of 30 is Robben too expensive to be considered for a big-money move to Manchester United?



  1. If Utd could tempt Arjen Robben then this would make up for selling Ronaldo. Why cant we pay high fees for an excellent player. Utd have always had a super player up on on front in their history

  2. It seems that Ed Woodward is shooting blanks in the dark again without any specific targets in mind. If Southampton want 30million for Shaw and you want the player, pay it for God’s sake. Thanks to Mr. Moyes we have absolutely no bargaining power this year so we will get severely raped. So if we want to get back in the top 4 with C.L. football then Mr. Ed, you’d better be prepared to bend over and take it. You have no choice. Target whoever Louis wants, if he wants Robben, drop your tweeds and pay Bayern the money. If not, oblivion beckons……….


  4. Arjen Robben welcom 2 man u, bt tht price is too much let utd bargain it. Luke shaw, Daley blind, Arturo vidal, muller and sabestian st. Cld destroy Epl. Let LvG Hurry up!

  5. I’d love to see him in a United shirt but it’s not going to happen this season, if ever. Money isnt everything; no UCL football for a world class 30 year old is a big deal and so is uprooting your family to another country.

    Van Gaal has about 15 players to move on from Old Trafford, that will take 2 to 3 seasons and then he himself will be gone; he will promote and buy in youth, and also as many established, quality players that he can persuade to come. This will take a lot of time, work and planning to achieve as their are a lot of players to move out and VG wont be available until after Holland’so world cup end. Convincing world class players to come this summer, after a world cup, will be very tough (even if we still had David Gill conducting transfer business instead of Deadwood) it can only be done gradually and somehow VG has to get enough out of the squad he inherited and whoever he gets in (its not looking very promising at the moment) to qualify for the UCL before he can attract better players.

  6. Guy’s plz that’s not the amount that they want for him but its the combined amount what he has been sold for.

  7. The Day Man utd stop talking and start spending then the club is on the verge of becoming a Top one again if they want Good things they need to Go for it maybe when Man u is close to Relegation somebody might begun to think