Which players could Ancelotti bring with him to Manchester United?

Even when Carlo Ancelotti was managing arch rivals Chelsea Manchester United fans found it difficult to dislike this excellent gentlemen.

He’s composed, intelligent and steely when he needs to be and he took Chelsea to the double before somewhat bizarrely getting sacked one season later. He also has one of the most expressive eyebrows in modern football.

Currently managing Real Madrid but there is a lot of speculation linking him with Manchester United. He’s a manager who, at 54, has seen it all and must have a fantastic black book of players that he could bring to the club.

Isco – hasn’t had the playing time he wanted at Real Madrid this season even though he started the campaign in blistering form. You do feel that he’s a player who will get his chance in Spain because he is such a quality footballer. But Manchester United’s midfield could be completely rejuvenated with him pulling the strings.

Gareth Bale – Manchester United reportedly tried to sign Bale last summer but it was a remote prospect then and still is now. Nevertheless, you do imagine that the Welshman will return to England well before the end of his career, and Ancelotti’s appointment as Manchester United manager would only improve their chances of getting him.

Cristiano Ronaldo – Is he going to have one last tilt at another club? He’s been in Spain for a long time now and he may crave the excitement of a more competitive league like England.