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Manchester United: Career saving decisions made by David Moyes’s United

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The newish Manchester United manager has taken an absolute battering from the press this season from all corners – not least from soccersweep who has found some of his decisions quite bizarre.

But, last night David Moyes made some excellent decisions and, in so doing, possibly saved himself from the exit door.

He made the sort of brave and astute selections that we have been crying out for all season.

Smalling instead of Rio – Readers will know that soccersweep is a massive fan of Rio. He’s been the best Manchester United defender that we have ever seen and has a better first touch than many a top level striker.

We aren’t saying that Moyes necessarily got it right picking Smalling over Rio – the veteran’s passing out of defence could have made a positive difference – but in picking Smalling he showed that he knows when a player is good enough for the top games. Few of us viewers would have risked him in such a big game. But Moyes knew that this egg had hatched.

The youngster has had some dodgy moments this season, though mainly as a full back. But on Wednesday he was imperious. It was a brave decision by Moyes which could easily have backfired. But it didn’t.

Fletcher – He tired badly in the second half but his experience and composure kept the Bayern wolf from the door and Manchester United remained fairly comfortable until he went off on the hour.

Kagawa – Another who should have played far more games this season. Many believed that Kagawa would be seen, by Moyes, as a luxury that Manchester United could do without away to Bayern. But he rightly played him. We would have liked to see him play more centrally but having him on the pitch at all was a positive move.

Manchester United fans – despite defeat, is Moyes turning the tide?

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  1. Dave 'Bassett' Moyes Fan club

    Apr 11, 2014 at 3:57 am

    Complete nonsense…………………

  2. Utdfan

    Apr 11, 2014 at 6:36 am

    Just SACK that Bloddy Moron Moyes and all would be well again…..after we bring in a proper and qualified manager and most importantly has the necessary credentials to tactically compete at the highest level.

    Moyes has turned a winning squad of players into a bunch of losers and made the club and players a laughing stock. His Key blunders was chasing off Rene and replacing him with his Evertonian assistant which was less threatening from a political perspective BUT a bigger Moron than himself. Its a case of a Blind guy leading the Deaf & Blind guy !!!

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