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Manchester United: Powerhouse shows that he’s nailed on to Captain United after the big man

Phil Jones: Doubt

Captain after next

There may well be a raft of comings and goings at Manchester United over the next few years.

It is entirely possible that, two years from now, Manchester United will have either a different owner, a different manager or a largely different team – or all of the above.

But two things are for certain. Firstly, whoever is the boss next year, it’s plainly obvious that Wayne Rooney will be Manchester United captain. If ever there was a man suited to lead one of the great clubs in world football it’s Rooney. He’s not only the best player at Manchester United but the best leader also.

It’s hard to think of a single player that gives so much to his team. Messi maybe?

Beyond that the other unshakeable fact, in a rather uncertain future, is that Phil Jones will be Rooney’s successor as captain. With the sort of towering performance he gave last night, and at many other times this season, it’s almost impossible to imagine that this guy is only just 22. He’s already one of Manchester Untied’s BIG players and he will have a massive career at the club providing he can avoid major injuries.

Because, for all his immense talent, he doesn’t hit the ground lightly and looks susceptible to injury in the same way that John Terry does. His joints will take a pounding through his career. Where Smalling floats, Jones stampedes.

But Phil Jones has the lot. Pace, power, football intelligence, drive and good feet. All bets are surely off as to the next two Manchester United captains.

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