Manchester United: Is this the €17m future of the midfield?

He really is a special player. On Tuesday Marco Reus played beautifully against Real Madrid and almost put Dortmund through to the semis with two goals and the provision of chance after chance for his team mates. He joined Dortmund in 2012 for around £14.5m (17m Euros) but any transfer fee would be considerably more than that now.

In truth only the woodwork saved a Real Madrid side which looked painfully short of ideas in the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo. Manchester United was a far better side with Ronnie in it but they never seemed to miss him in quite the way that Madrid did in midweek.


Reus is a player who would be perfect for Manchester United because he has such a wide range of qualities. He’s a hard worker and a battler when necessary. But it’s his passing, movement and ability to find the net which really sets him apart from your average Marco.


Down the years Manchester United have usually played 4-4-2 with a holding midfielder and a more creative force alongside him. Reus would definitely fit into the latter category but could just as easily play in the attacking trio of a 4-2-3-1 line up. Heckers you could even play him deeper. Just get him in the side already.

Wherever you put him he would be a huge plus for Manchester United. Let’s hope for David Moyes’s sake that he is able to snare the player who has long been linked to Manchester United.

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