Can Manchester United STOP the €82M man?

Can Manchester United STOP the €82M man?


There is no doubting that Bayern Munich are a very strong side. Pep Guardiola has instilled exactly the same sort of possession football into Bayern Munich as we saw so brilliantly executed at Barcelona.

But there is one major difference. For our money, the slightly better technical quality of the Barcelona players meant that they could get the ball from back to front in the blink of an eye. Bayern Munich’s build up play is more studied and slow. They can zigzag their way up the pitch when facing a team who defends deep like Manchester United have in this tie.

There is one player at Bayern, however, who can really cut you to the quick. A player who, in our opinion, is head and shoulders above his team mates. Arjen Robben has played for some of the best clubs in the world and his aggregated transfer fees come to somewhere in the region of 82M Euros (3.9M to PSV, 18m to Chelsea, 35m to Real and 25m to Bayern).

We feel that he is the one player who Manchester United’s strong rearguard action could still be heavily susceptible to. He’s tortured Manchester United on several occasions in the past and he’s one of the few players in the world capable of jaw dropping goals even in the tightest of games. He’s quick, has fantastic close control, two great feet and an unerring finish.

We believe that if Manchester United do make it to the Semi Finals of the Champions League it will be because that have managed to control that world class talent that goes but the name of Arjen Robben.


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