Manchester United: Please don’t pick PONY Players David

He’s ridden a huge storm already this term. And he’s just about got his head above the water again after some shocking defeats for Manchester United through the winter.

But an encouraging first leg result against Bayern, followed by an impressive victory over Newcastle United, has seen David Moyes’s stock rise slightly.

But he can ruin it all again tonight if he continues his apparent penchant for picking ponies in the big games.

For starters we don’t want to see Tom Cleverley. At all. A hard-working and potentially talented lad but he’s been really pony this season. What’s more his head is probably in bits after all the criticism.

Chris Smalling – We like him and he’s going to become a good centre back but he’s patently not a full back. He’s had his pants pulled down more times than we can remember out wide and he’s only played there a handful of times this season. It’s just not fair putting him out there.

Ashley Young – He might offer legs and run himself into the ground, as a sub for the last 10 minutes of the game if necessary, but we can’t see any use for him beyond that. Always seems to go missing in big games. Has he got the technique for this level?

Nani – Just no. Alright David?

This is a crucial game for Manchester United and for David Moyes if he has long term ambitions at the club. If United go out of the competition tonight Moyes can at least keep the criticism to a minimum providing he doesn’t pick his ponies.

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