Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho prepared to do a deal in the region of £20m to allow one of Europe’s hottest prospects, Romelu Lukaku, to leave the club – report


Strange indeed

It’s one of those things which is simply inexplicable. And, unless you are somehow inside the head of Jose Mourinho, you will have no idea of working out why Chelsea are reportedly preparing to let Romelu Lukaku leave the club.

We know that the Chelsea boss values hard work, team ethics and individual skill very highly. But, with another super season under his belt, you won’t find Roberto Martinez complaining that the big Belgian lacks any of those qualities. With 13 league goals so far this season Everton have certainly been a better side with him in it.

Nevertheless, reports today continue to suggest that Jose Mourinho is prepared to offload Lukaku at the end of the season in a complete revamp of his front line.

Jose Mourinho is prepared to let Romelu Lukaku leave Stamford Bridge ahead of next season as he looks to revamp his forward line.

And while Chelsea already value the 20-year-old striker at in-excess of £20million there is a sense at Stamford Bridge that his price tag will inflate significantly if he has a productive tournament in Brazil.

Ok, Jose may not rate Lukaku as a player who could be his main man – his talisman. But in a game which relies ever more heavily on squad rotation wouldn’t Lukaku be a superb third or fourth choice player for a club looking to make an impression on four fronts next season?

It’s a strange one indeed and there is no guarantee that Cheslea’s summer signings will be any better than the Belgian. Mata left rather controversially and Jose has yet to be proven right on that one. Perhaps Chelsea are about to make a big mistake in allowing Romelu to follow Daniel Sturridge out of the door come May.

Chelsea fans, can you see the logic in this one?


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  1. Pete

    Apr 8, 2014 at 4:39 pm

    Everton fan here. I thought Chelsea would win the whole thing if Lukaku was the first choice striker. But wasn’t that precisely the problem between Mourinho and him? Mourinho wanted Lukaku to be a rotational guy coming from the bench, while the kid wanted to be first choice, and rightly so given his immense talent. Since they couldn’t agree on some sort of compromise, he demanded to leave on loan. Then Everton swooped in. It may seem unimaginable to Chelsea fans, as it did to me initially, but when Mourinho has a track record of only playing finished products, and Chelsea has the power to just bring in a Costa/Falcao/Cavani in the summer, I can sort of see why he feels he doesn’t need Lukaku given his history. Personally, I think he’s grossly underestimating the kid’s potential, as I believe he can develop into the best #9 in the world when he’s in his prime, but I’m glad Mourinho is fine parting ways because Everton hasn’t had a striker like him since before I was born.

  2. Benjy Kalombo

    Apr 9, 2014 at 6:21 pm

    I agree with you Pete! Lukaku is a very good player and every Chelsea fan would tell you same thing. But lack of manner may cost him exit… He has a big mouth; he has been talking thinks with no respect not only to Mourinho but to Chelsea… Its like,Eden Hazard! Everyone is talking about how great he is,every Chelsea fan loves him so dearly but he went on to tell the media how he’ll leave the Club as soon as his wife tell him to do so;that’s a total disrespect to the whole Chelsea structure! That sounded like Hazard’s name is bigger than Chelsea! We don’t care about him anymore! And we wish they can sell him and raise the money to buy another top classe who will have respect to Chelsea Fans. Don’t sell Oscar.

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