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Manchester United: Is David Moyes doing a Muhammed Ali?


Muhammed Moyes?

You could write a large novel based on the speculation surrounding Manchester United manager David Moyes this season – but it wouldn’t be a very good one if the season were to end here. It wouldn’t have any heros or a happy ending.

But of course all that can change very quickly – with one good result even. One knockout blow.

Because David Moyes would surely like to think of himself as a Mohammed Ali character right now – the guy who goes onto the ropes and takes punch after punch. You think that there is no way that he can sustain any more knocks. He is being battered over and again with body blows that noone should have to suffer.

Then, just as all seems lost, Ali/Moyes comes off the ropes and administers one killer blow that leaves everyone agog. One smack in the chops out of nowhere. One punch that delivers the ultimate and final message as to who is the boss. Get off my land! I’m the manager!

David Moyes can deliver this killer blow and explode any arguments about his future in one fell swoop if he masterminds a convincing win tonight. Such has been the speed and size of Manchester United’s fall from grace that few can imagine such a result coming to pass. But this is Manchester United. Until Rafael was sent off against Bayern a couple of years back the Germans were having their pants pulled down and their bottom spanked red raw by the attacking hoards of Manchester United.

Moyes needs to remind the players which badge they are wearing and he needs to set them out to play as Manchester United are supposed to play. Send them out to attack for the love of sweet baby jesus.

If he can do that, and fashion a victory, Moyes can cement his place as Manchester United manager in one single game.

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