Manchester United – Legends NAIL what’s wrong at the club

What are the Glazers waiting for? Please tell us that they are simply waiting until the end of the season to allow David Moyes to potter off in a more dignified and low-profile manner? Because if they are actually thinking about giving this guy more time and the keys to the safe, after the signings he has made so far for Manchester United, they must be absolutely off their tiny chops.

Gary Neville was as excellent as ever on Sky Sports on Tuesday evening. Manchester United fans were also treated to the presence of a surprisingly verbose Paul Scholes – in 5 minutes he put the team to the sword with some great inights.

He and Gary Neville agreed that Manchester United have always been successful because they have always had pace in their side. Which made the omission of a somewhat rejuvenated Antonio Valnecia even more embarrassing for David Moyes. The Daily Mail said:

Scholes was appearing as a Sky pundit for Tuesday’s game and agreed with his former Old Trafford team-mate Gary Neville that United are suffering from a lack of pace.

Manchester United lacked pace at the start of the campaign. It was plain for all to see. So what does Moyes do? Why he spends £65m on two players with no pace of course. If he can’t see what’s there in front of him, what any armchair fan can see, then how can Manchester United trust this guy any longer?

Scholes and Neville, plus most watching fans, can see that there is no dynamism in the side. No fluidity or pace. But David Moyes seems oblivious. Using a completely untried midfield formation on Tuesday, having at last seemingly found a decent formula at West ham, seemed beyond stupid.

The writing is surely on the wall for Moyes now. His time at Manchester United has to be cut short or else the club could find themselves in the football abyss within a couple of years.

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