Chelsea: Is THIS the closest thing to having 12 men?

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A true magician

Chelsea have had an exciting few years, winning The Champions and Europa Leagues no less. But they haven’t been too close to winning their domestic league over the last few years as their solidity seems to have waned somewhat. They have sacrificed some solidity for flair.

And when Jose Mourinho took over at the start of the season they didn’t exactly look like championship material. As ever, they had some sparkling players of immense talent in the squad. Added to that, they had some of the old guard who were still doing a good job.

But you imagind that it would take the old/new boss a couple of years to get things right. But, 8 months on, the team is already transformed. And, love him or hate him, Jose Mourinho is the closest thing you will ever see to having twelve men on the football field.

He’s a terrible loser and his sense of self-importance is highly amusing. But, when it comes to football managers, he is peerless. He has turned this team into one which noone would bet against doing the most illustrious of doubles this season. Chelsea fans must already wonder what they did without him.

Mourinho’s tactics on the the field mirror his interview style. Because where David Moyes, for example, has been spluttering his way through interviews all season, Mourinho never seems to put one word out of place. He is so meticulous that you always get the sense that journalists leave his press conferences knowing exactly what the Chelsea boss wants them to know – no more and no less.

And, on the field, he has bought Nemanja Matic who has added immeasurable steel to the side. Already it’s starting to look like Mourinho’s Chelsea again – a battering ram that may not always be pretty but usually wins.

When you think about playing Barcelona or Real Madrid you think of Messi and Ronaldo. But when you think about Chelsea you automatically consider Mourinho. And, come the end of the season, this individual may prove to be the most difficult opponent of all.

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