The Good News for Manchester United

Make no mistake. Manchester United are on the cusp of a major disaster. They are lacking the leadership or clear strategy required for a business to succeed, regardless of industry.

Things were run well for a long time. But now they are being run badly. You can’t put this down to transitional hiccups. It’s gone way beyond that now.

But the good news is that the disaster can still be averted. Manchester United can start travelling in the right direction again very quickly. But they have to do one thing. Get rid of David Moyes now.

Give him another 6 months and £100m to spend and the club will be in much worse shape than it is now, with no money left to buy their way out of trouble. Keeping Moyes could make a short-term headache into a long-term demise. He’s making the wrong calls, the wrong signings and getting his tactics all wrong. If there are any tactics. It’s currently hard to figure what Moyes’s team strategies are, so headless is the chicken.

If they cut him loose now, get Fergie in short-term with a hands on lieutenant like Red Nev or Giggsy, and then appoint a visionary like Jurgen Klopp in May this season can very soon seem like a bad dream.

But if Moyes is given the keys to the safe to continue with his highly confused plan of reshaping Manchester United then we could be talking about a long term malaise and a club stuck on 20 titles for twenty years.

So while the landscape seems very bleak for Manchester United right now, the good news is that there is still time to avoid massive problems. If Manchester United do the right thing NOW and get rid of the boss, the club can continue to progress and write this season off as a blip. But if they continue with Moyes we really fear for the long term health of the club.

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