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Manchester United: Loyalty is admirable, Blind Faith is plain stupid


Moyes just has to go

We keep hearing that The Glazers want to give David Moyes time to rebuild the team in his image. Based on his first season at Manchester United, why on earth would they want to do that?

So far Moyes has spent around £65m on transfers – that’s more than Fergie ever did in such a short space of time – but you would never know. Because the new talent has been sucked into the vacuum created by the boss’s tactics.

It’s admirable to a point that Moyes hasn’t yet been sacked. But this is a performance industry – a results business. Moyes is getting neither the results or performances. If either were forthcoming then you could argue a case for Moyes as Manchester United manager.

If Manchester United were getting beaten but playing well then there is hope. If United were grinding out results without offering the typically beautiful spectacle of free flowing football then there is hope. But it’s hard to work out whether the performances or the results are poorer. Things are that bad at Manchester United right now. There is no hope.

So, for The Glazers to continue letting this guy run things makes no sense at all. Are they really going to let him spend the war chest when he has done so badly with his investments hitherto?

Loyalty is one thing. Blind faith is another. David Moyes simply isn’t cut out for this job. It’s plain for everyone to see. And the sooner Manchester United get rid of him, the sooner they can start to pick up the pieces.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. FootballFanatic

    Mar 18, 2014 at 10:05 am

    SAF really needs to step in now to save the current SEASON & also the next SEASON if the GREAT MAN UTD club does not want to fall into decline like LIVERPOOL. It has taken them more than 20 years to come to this position with the likes of Suarez, Coutinho etc. Tomorrow, when Gerard retires, Liverpool may also face the same kind of problem.
    With 9 games remaining, if MA UTD win all the nine, may be there is a chance of them getting to that 4th place.
    Moyes may be a very good manager for a club of Ever ton’s caliber but he really needs to play the players in their preferred position. Mata and Kagawa should play behind the strikers and not on the wings. A good wing man (one or more) must be found and hired but not play play makers out of their position.
    For Gods sake there should be consistency in the team selection. For the past one year, for every game there is a change in the playing 11.
    Ageing defence should be replaced. Anyways Vidic & Rio are leaving, so a partner needs to be found for Phil Jones with Evans & Smalling as substitutes.
    Also, there is a need for a good Right back and a younger replacement for Evra.

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