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Manchester United: This is Why Change is needed NOW

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Surely time for a change

It’s actually still getting worse isn’t it? It would be easier to swallow if Manchester United were blooding some promising youngsters amidst all this chaos or at least putting in some valiant performances. But we can’t see one element of the team that has improved, or shown any signs of improvement, since the Moyes malaise began.

Signings – Fellaini and Mata. The former didn’t even look like football was his first sport on Sunday. Meanwhile, if Manchester United have a ‘strong’ position right now it’s in the number 10 position. Before Mata arrived there was Rooney, Januzaj, Kagawa and RvP who could play there. Moyes bought another for a club record £37m and has left him to rot on the right wing so far. A terrible waste of £65m.

Coaching – The movement in the team is awful. The shape is terrible. Noone is improving under Moyes.

Leadership – Leaders need to inspire. Moyes simply isn’t inspiring anyone.

Team selection – Mata, Rooney and RvP should be lethal but they are just getting in each others’ way right now. Thankfully Moyes has stopped picking Cleverley as a starter. But he left him in the team for way too long.

Decision making – We can’t remember one inspired substation throughout the whole season, never mind against Liverpool. Moyes seems to watch on helplessly from the sideline without any idea of what is required to turn things around.

Ipads – apparently installed at the truing ground with great success!

Is it just us or is it simply amazing that Moyes is still the manager of Manchester United after this sort of performance? The worry for Manchester United fans is that it’s probably going to get worse. Surely the owners of the club can’t let this go on. Surely Moyes has to go now?

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