Arsenal linked with PREMIER LEAGUE superstar


A very good buy for Arsenal

Arsenal’s demise in Europe is nothing to be ashamed of. They were, after all, playing against the European champions and a team on a ridiculous winning streak.

But, the fact that they were once more beaten at this stage, leaves Arsenal fans feeling that this really is a club in stasis. Arsenal are playing at a very high level already but they still can’t get to the next stage – playing well AND winning stuff.

When I look at Arsenal I see at team that is beautiful to watch but never overly intimidating to face. They don’t scare the opposition because you always know how they are going to play.

We feel that Arsenal need to be able to mix it up a bit more. As well as being able to out-pass the opposition it would be nice to see them improve their ability to win ugly. Much as Wenger seemingly hates idea, you need to be able to do it form time to time to be truly successful – heckers, the last great Arsenal side were very good at it.

So, Arsenal need a bulldozer up front and reports today suggest that they may look to Edin Dzeko:

Dzeko has a little over a year left on a contract that City have no intention of renewing and the Champions League also-rans will mull over bids from Inter, Borussia Dortmund, Napoli, Arsenal and any of the many other European clubs believed to be interestested in bringing him on board.

Dzeko is one of those rare players who is able to combine brute strength with a balletic elegance on the ball. He’s got a super first touch for one so big and therefore should be ideal for The Premier League. In truth he’s scored plenty of goals at Manchester City but never quite nailed down a first team place – this guy is simply too good to sit on the bench. He’s got 33 in 58 for Bosnia and 57 in 136 for City – excellent stats all round.

Let’s see the lad in action. Arsenal fans, would Dzeko be the right style of player for Arsenal to progress?


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