Will Chelsea sign Powerhouse striker?

Will Chelsea sign Powerhouse striker?


Chelsea’s pursuit of a top striker seems interminable. While they currently have a decent crop in Torres, Ba and the born again Eto’o, the general feeling is that Chelsea will break the bank in the summer for a sure thing – someone who can guarantee the club 30 goals each season.

That general wisdom extends to three major players. Many to most Chelsea followers believe that the club will attempt to sign Gonzalo Higuain, Edinson Cavani or Radamel Falcao in the summer. But, while this shortlist is pretty much as impressive as it gets, we think that Chelsea may ultimately surprise a few with their signing.

The three aforementioned would all be fantastic but they would all be extremely difficult and expensive to sign. All moved to their new clubs in the last year and are under long contracts.

But there is a player who fits the template perfectly and may cost a lot less to purchase. A player who combines Mourinho’s favourite qualities in a striker – someone who has sensational footwork but can also make his physical presence felt. A balletic bulldozer if you like.

The player is Edin Dzeko. There is no official word that he will leave Manchester City but his time there has not been an unbridled success. He wouldn’t be regarded as a first choice striker, with Negredo and Aguero still ahead of him. Of course, all top teams need a pool of strikers, but Dzeko just seems too good not to be regarded as the top man.

We think that he would fit in perfectly at Chelsea. He’s a very talented ployer but one who can also wear defences down with his physicality.

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Let’s take a look at him in action. Chelsea fans, can you imagine Jose going for Dzeko?


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