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Manchester United: How long can this go on?


It’s gone way past squeaky bum time

As the season lurches from bad to worse to desperate to laughable we keep watching Manchester United and saying to each other:

‘surely if he loses this one he’s out.’

With regards the Fulham game the soccersweep peeps opined:

‘anything less than three points and he is surely gone.’

We have been feverishly refreshing our browsers today, in expectation that David Moyes will be given his marching orders by Manchester United, after a new nadir on Sunday.

Yet, he remains at the helm, in what is turning out to be a scarcely believable situation for the club. But are the Manchester United board simply writing this season off, regardless of how bad the results get? Is David Moyes really getting a free pass for this season? That is what it seems like right now. How bad will the Manchester United top brass let it get before they say goodbye to Moyes?

Would a defeat to Arsenal do it? On current form a loss at The Emirates is highly possible. Let’s assume they lose that and Manchester United retain Moyes. They then travel to a rejuvenated Crystal Palace. Surely. Surely, if they lose this one, that has to be the end of the road for David Moyes. Even someone of Sir Alex’s stature at the club could not persuade the board that this was redeemable for the newish manager.

The top brass at Manchester United have been extremely patient with the Scot but there has to be a point at which they draw the line under his tenure. Sunday was an absolutely must-win game for the club. Not only that but it was a total gimme against a team in free fall with only one win in 8 and anchored to the foot of the table. If Moyes can’t massage a win from his team against Fulham then what hope is there of him taking Manchester United into the top 4 come May.

There is still just about time to qualify for the big one. But we just can’t see it happening for Manchester United under Moyes.

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  1. Utdfan

    Feb 11, 2014 at 5:48 am

    Alex and Bloody Bobby are keeping Moyes alive, as far as us fans are concerned, Moyes and his bunch of moronic Everton coaches are “Dead Men Walking” !!!

    The sooner the owners ignore Alex and Bobby’s egoistical views of Keeping Moyes due to maintaining their personal image and Sack Moyes, the faster the Club will recover its past glories.


    Feb 11, 2014 at 4:02 pm

    David moyes is one of the most failure coach on planet Earth. It’s shame! to him let him shake now now now!

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