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Manchester United: Legend to start player exodus?


Exodus on?

Two big changes are happening in the football world. They are unrelated but they may soon be linked.

David Moyes is starting an overhaul of the Manchester United squad and appears to be taking a rather ruthless stand point with some of his older stars. Where Sir Alex may have been inclined to ease out players like Evra, Vidic and Ferdinand gradually, allowing them to tutor the youngsters and lay strong foundations for the next generation, Moyes seems in a rush to dispose of the veterans. Vidic’s contract has run down into the last 6 months. Meanwhile Ferdinand and Evra appear similarly close to the exit door.

At the same time, it has been reported that David Beckham is to buy the Miami MLS franchise. You would imagine that someone with his contacts and appeal would have the pick of the thirty somethings in The Premier League.

Surely Ferdinand would be the first to show interest in the job. After a gruelling and brilliant career in which he has won everything at club level, the heat and lifestyle of America would surely suit him down to the ground. He could play centre back in the MLS until he’s 40, such is his skill level.

Patrice Evra and Nemanja Vidic may feel that they are too young to play in America and that they have more in the tank for another top level European club.

But what about Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes? Giggsy is another who you could easily imagine lapping up the lifestyle in Miami. Maybe less so Paul Scholes, who loves Manchester.

But it will be very interesting to see who Sir Becks can tempt into a move to America. With all that trouble in Manchester United right now, some of the under rated veteran’s may think of Miami as the perfect escape from the Moyes malaise.

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