Manchester United: What the papers say about the potential new signing

You feel that the transfer window is about to explode into life. With no midweek games for the big boys this week David Moyes will be able to spend some time chasing players for the Manchester United midfield.

We reported this morning on how Moyes had been in Italy with a view to snaring two Juventus midfielders Arturo Vidal and Paul Pogba. While a deal for Vidal is possibly the more likely, it is the idea of Paul Pogba returning to Manchester United that really gets the juices flowing.

I think we all agree that Manchester United should never have let him go in the first place. There were wrangles at the time over the salary on his new contract and Juventus swooped to offer him what he wanted. The Daily Mail today reports that the player could make a big money move back to Manchester United:

Paris Saint-Germain’s interest and willingness to offer Pogba a route back to his home city is likely to push the asking price beyond £40million. He is understood to favour PSG but has not ruled out a second spell at Old Trafford.

For now, Juventus are adamant about hanging on to him and Marotta said: ‘From our point of view, we do not want to sell Pogba and, so far, we have closed the door to any possible buyer.’

Meanwhile The Express quotes Italy and Juventus keeper Gianluigi Buffon:

Express Sport reported over the weekend that Pogba could make a sensational return to Old Trafford,

And with United’s midfield problems clear for all to see, Buffon couldn’t resist having a dig.

“Pogba is one of those players who leaves you speechless,” Buffon told Italian TV show Tiki Taka.

“My team-mates and me looked at each other as to say ‘Are they blind in Manchester?’ (to let him go away).”

The Guardian is not optimistic about a move:

David Moyes has visited Turin. There, he informed Juventus that he’d be buying Paul Pogba and Arturo Vidal thanks very much, if it was all the same to them. It was not. Even the presence of Jimmy Lumsden failed to convince; neither is for sale,

With Juventus chasing honours this season it does seem as if Manchester United will have to pull out all the stops to bring Pogba back. But he is exactly what the team needs right now. I player with a massive engine who also loves to get forward and score goals. His technique is fantastic and he’s got a great eye for a pass. Even during his first stint at Manchester United he looked like the nuts.

We shall keep you posted on developments. Meantime let’s have a look at the magician in action.


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