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3 huge British signings will make Manchester United roar

There is a fair amount of hum right now about who Manchester United will sign in the winter window.

As is the way of the modern Premier League, most of these mooted arrivals are from foreign shores.

Now, we are all for a cosmopolitan league. Variety is the spice of life and our beloved Premier League is immeasurably better thanks to our imports.

But buying players from overseas can be fraught with risk. You don’t know how quickly, or how well, they will settle into the team. Teams buying in the winter window are usually doing so out of urgent requirement – they need to improve sharpish. So an English signing, or at least one who has played in The Premier League, can be a much safer bet.

English players cost a pretty penny, of course, but here are three dream buys for Manchester United who would immediately improve the team and go on to be England stars.

Ross Barkley – He’s getting so good now that we at soccersweep start dribbling when we talk about him. He reminds us of a young Wayne Rooney. He displays that bewitching blend of fearlessness, power and technique that will surely make him a top player in years to come. Barkley is like a pit bull terrier straining to get off the leash. What a talent. Even if his club agreed to sell, which they probably won’t, he would cost a king’s ransom – but he’d be worth every penny as he’s good enough to be the driving force of many an elite team.

Luke Shaw – In what many would call a sad indictment of the English game, it seems a matter when, not if Shaw leaves for a bigger club. Southampton, of course, are doing the business right now and they will hope Shaw feels happy to stay and learn his trade on the south coast before leaving The Saints. But, with Manchester United, Tottenham, Chelsea and Liverpool all in need of a top left-back it won’t be long before the bidding starts. Shaw has such dynamism and such composure for an 18 year old. He also possesses a wonderful delivery.

Andros Townsend – Manchester United may try to take advantage of the uncertainty at Townsend’s current club to buy a much needed top class winger. At 22, he’s another who would cost a small fortune, but a player who has his whole career in front of him. He is lightning quick, direct and daring – exactly the sort of winger that Manchester United fans love.

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