£50m + De Gea for Cristiano Ronaldo?


Since Cristiano Ronaldo left Manchester United for Real Madrid, for a world record £80m he has, if anything, gone on to somehow improve his all round game. He always wanted to play for Real Madrid and there is a very real possibility that he will see out his career at the club.

More recently though, he has appeared less happy with the status quo. It would of course take a bid of unprecedented volume to land the player and Real Madrid would do everything in their power to hold onto their star man. But, with Jose Mourinho apparently off at the end of the season, fresh questions have been raised about Ronnie’s desire to stay. There are only a few clubs who could afford him worldwide. Let’s have a look at where Ronnie could go if he leaves Real Madrid.


I have no doubt that if Ronaldo became available and was open to a move to Chelsea, Roman Abramovich would bring out the necessary cash to land him. Where Oscar and Hazard bring hope, Ronaldo brings certainty to the forward line. Even if the others weren’t firing and even if Chelsea’s rearguard continued on its generous path, Ronnie would keep Chelsea competitive on his own. But would Ronnie go to another English club after Manchester United? The same question applies to Manchester City.



Richer even than Manchester City, PSG can pretty much get whoever they want. The prettiness of Paris also goes in the club’s favour. If Mourinho went to PSG then Ronnie could well follow. But something tells me that CR7 would prefer to be playing in Spain or England.


Manchester United

The Premier League has never seen a player quite like this. He arrived as a greasy teenager and spent the next 18 months riling the fans with over elaboration. Fortunately for everyone at Manchester United, he grew out of his ‘Nani’ phase to become the most frightening and effective forward that the EPL has seen to date. After his frustrating start, he was man of the match in The FA Cup Final against Milwall, started the following season like a train and hasn’t slowed since. Sir Alex publicly eulogises about the boy at every opportunity and would carry him back to Old Trafford, even at 71. But could Manchester United afford him? A swap deal, involving David De Gea, would make any deal much more feasible.


Anzhi Makallalalala

Ronnie once rolled out the old ‘only god knows the future’ line when asked if he would ever consider moving East. The Russians could probably match his wages but, with other clubs in the hunt, it’s highly doubtful that you will see Ronnie ruling Russia any time soon.


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