‘Mourinho wants to come back to Chelsea’

‘Mourinho wants to come back to Chelsea’


Marca journalist Anton Meana said on Tuesday, on Talksport, that he believes Jose Mourinho wants a return to Chelsea in the summer.

The Portuguese coach is having well documented problems in Spain and the unnofficial word is that Mourinho will leave Real Madrid in June 2013.

Rafa Benitez is already having a torrid time of it as Chelsea’s interrim coach and many believe that Pep Guardiola will take over the hot seat in the summer.

This news will however come as a real boost to Chelsea fans, who worshipped the ground neath Mourinho, during his successful tenure at the club.

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So, Chelsea fans, would you prefer Pep or The Special One as your next coach?

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  1. i prefer the special one rather than pep the reason is that pep inherited barca that was full of talented players and he decided to leave after he saw they have become old.

  2. Fairy tale stuff to have Jose back, he’s got the Premier league pedigree, could get us back into shape and has already out foxed Pep. That said, tbh, I wouldn’t mind seeing Pep have a crack but what worries me is that at Barca, he simply had amazing players, yes we’ve a good squad which he could make better but….and he was in a 2 team league. My lean goes for Mourinho

  3. Jose knws evriting abt chelsea and roman knws hm as a sturbun man more dan him,they can nw work beta,hu knws it may be d great coming bak of d only one!ha ha

  4. With the quality of players Pep had at Barca, no coach will fail to excel. He also lack premiership experience. I go for Jose.

  5. There is only one morinho and we need him back,Roman should swallow his pride and get back the man.chelsea is becoming a laughing stock.

  6. 4 me special one is the only man who chelse fans have been missing since the time he left the club.i will wellcome the special one with worm hands

  7. Mourinho the special one is the only one who can clean up the sorrows cfc fans hav beared.and he is the only man who can make cfc look like the catalan. Pls roman, go 4 him.

  8. The only one! The special one! As chelsea fan i want jose to be our coach and Roman should leave everything to mourinho and stop interfering with club affairs! We love u mourinho! Come and salvage us from these problem, u are the only solution.

  9. i prefer d spcial one to come back to chelsea because he knows how to handle chelsea players come back monrinho

  10. y all this question even if u ask blaind man this he will reaply u that is jose morinho no other person that can handle chelsea like morinho.

  11. With all due respect to Jose I because it would be good to hasve him back I want Roberto Di Matteo back. The Magic man wasn’t given enough time after doing what Jose couldnt and also tactically beat Pep. RDM !!

  12. i hate pep 2 coaching chelsea becous he canot solve d proooblem of chelsea. He came 2 barca all of d player are in there form so he caanot contribute anytin 4 chelsea he dnt knw how 2 creat winnin. I lov jose in standford bridge again.

  13. i think morinho is simply the best;for now is the only who can com an wipe off our ties.Gudiola only manage alread made club(Barcelona)and is also a greedy man,imagin a manager always signed one yr contract. Com to this aspect again,is barcelona not progresin now without him?morinho is highly needed back pls.

  14. Yes we all Want Jose Morinho, But He’ll nt Like 2 Stay at Chelsea more Than 4 or 5 years. We Need A Pamanent Coach dat Wil Last with Us Like Sir Alex Ferguson.

  15. Yes we all Want Jose Morinho, But He’ll nt Like 2 Stay at Chelsea more Than 4 or 5 years. We Need A Pamanent Coach dat Wil Last Long with Us Like Sir Alex Ferguson.

  16. Derz alwayz a difficult/bad moment in 1ce life, yea. All di matteo nidz is luv & encouragement nt sack. I almost decamp d day i heard Di Matteo waz sacked bt my luv 4 chelsea kept me going. 1tin i knw 4 sure is dat, Di Matteo is a hero, i indeed adore him 4 his attribute, given chelsa a pride dat we fanz are proud of. If d only 1 is d next, den he’ll b well come.

  17. Bring on JOSE he’s de right man, 4 de job i means… 2 handle chelsea throw all de bad results away nd bring on success 2 our club, pls ROMAN go 4 him. LARRY noni !!!

  18. Mourinho is nt d best coach 4 chelsea now cos it will change d style of futball we play now I fink guadiola is d rite man

  19. Mourinho wont step backward…….his next destination is man utd.we’ve already wasted our opportunity with him.jst try another manager.

  20. Jose Mourinho is a proven winner and Pep would never suceed at Chelsea. We have no Messi to hide his tactical inadequecies.

  21. we can not say that pep is good or the special one,both of them can manage chelsea and both are good, BUT who is the BEST of them? I wud rather go for Mourinho

  22. mourinho = boring football – so no thanks – to both – find someone else – all the top managers are only top cause they join top teams – cant go wrong -fooling the gulible masses

  23. There’s only bt 1man dt turn cfc frm notin to somtng,dt make cfc wt it is 2dy D specal 1 JOSE,comin to pep,as i sadi earler,dt his a parasite,he inhret wt others has build,bt jos is d only man dt has eva brak a rcord in futbal history frm england to spain setup a standed & meet it up,jos plz we do need d God father,roman plz sign him&giv him dt freedom to tak cfc to d top table. dnt intafar in his job,jst control&respet urslf, if u wnt cfc to win ECL back 2 back,

  24. The only coaches that will handle cfc well is {1} Jose morinho, Anceroty PSG coach and Di matteo while pep will not stay long at chelsea.

  25. Everybody knows dat Jose is right man and chelsea belongs to him, his d right man dat can solved chelseafc problem.But if chelsea chairman whould not sack him again.

  26. We need Jose @ dis tym coz pple re nw turning cfc to a laughing stock, Roman should go 4 him nd den stop sacking coach

  27. Pep wil end up another square peg in chelsea’s round hole.DI mattoe or De special one can poure oil on chelsea’s troubled water.

  28. that special one u r requesting don know how 2 use kids,like oscar,hazard and the rehe only use old players boring football so 4get mourihno ad bbring pep as a couch.