Is this the next Chelsea manager?

Rafa would look to change the style as well as the results of Chelsea

This was another damning defeat for Chelsea, leaving them dangling by a soggy thread in the Champions League. With each passing post match interview RDM looks ever more like a naughty schoolboy. Rather than come out fighting, Di Matteo cuts an increasingly lonely, defeated and feeble figure.

Chelsea spent more than any other Premier League club in the summer and they consequently boast one of the best squads in Europe. But the coach seems unable to manoeuvre his charges in a way that can positively affect the outcome of pivotal matches. Chelsea can look marvellous going forward but it’s hard to remember a time when they appeared less solid at the back. John Obi Mikel suggested, after the match, that Chelsea were attacking as a team but not defending as one.

Rumours in various news outlets this morning imply that Roman Abramovich may look to change his manager yet again. Abramovich has apparently ‘sounded out’ Rafa Benitez in an attempt to stop the rot and bring greater ridigity and a more robust shape to the team.

The style of the two managers could not be more different. RDM is made in the mould of Pep Guardiola – a coach who believes that attack is the best form of defence.

Benitez, on the other hand, is the ultimate pragmatist. The master of the 1-0. The strangler of big games. If he were to come to the club it would surely represent an abrupt U-turn in the Chelsea ethos. Roman Abramovich seemed hellbent, in the summer, on evolving Chelsea into a breathtakingly beautiful team to watch.

It’s hard to imagine Rafa wanting maintain this brand of liberal, cavalier and attacking football, so Roman is either scrapping the new method altogether or planning to employ Rafa as a stop gap for Chelsea until someone like Pep Guardiola agrees to take over at The Bridge.

With this latest news, Chelsea fans will be asking themselves if they would prefer to be winning ugly or playing the sort of exhilarating yet more risky football that we have seen from them so far this season.

So, Chelsea fans, let’s discuss….

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  1. dominic

    Nov 21, 2012 at 8:41 am

    i usually say RDM ISjust guessing right now he wants to sell sturridge now he is confidently saying blame me for the loss. what i can say the players we have right now needs managers like wenger,jose,pep g and even benitez not rdm mine is sack RDM bring back JOSE MORiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinho

  2. uzochukwu nwobi 4rm ajah lagos nigeria

    Nov 21, 2012 at 9:00 am

    Oh!!! my chelsea. The club of my life ; let my chair man speak to pep now and try everything possibl to bring him to chelsea now. Becouse rdm lack de tactical input of attacking team and moreover rdm is a defencive caoch not attacking caoch like avb. Up chelsea

    • Adewale

      Nov 21, 2012 at 11:18 am

      The main problem facing chelsea now is leadership, fatigue and coach. Chelsea hv bin stroglyn for d past months without d influence n leadrshp of jt wc consepuently lead to concedn cheap goals n d game against juventus really shows hw impotant jt is cos d team Playd witout no one to control d tempo of d game(coordination). It was clearly show that the team lack strenght to match d juventus team wc is as a result of fatigue cos RDM does not rotate d team as xpectd wc left d team to b xpose to oponent to assess d team n detrmin d link btw osca, hazd n mata cos they r d one we use wk in wk out(same team). Moreover, i dnt think RDM undrstnd each playrs cos frm my own view, i dnt think Ramires is as effectv in his present position as he was when played as a winger. Why not drag osca to play alongside mikel n ramires out wide as a 7 wit his speed, energy n eye on goal he will surely excel there. While osca wit his sharp vision and calmness on ball with accurate lng passes i think he can dictate d game as a deep lyn play maker. Lastly, why acquiring d services of player witout d use of them? (marin). It time we start using wot we have to get results we want.

  3. brizzy ben

    Nov 21, 2012 at 9:00 am

    RDM should know better as a coach that all team needs balance in every aspect sold raul merieles and i still wonder why..he has a defence line that overlaps and forget their main duty. In my opinion he had better start talking to his defence line about being more rigid at the back or face sack

  4. olalekx

    Nov 21, 2012 at 2:02 pm

    ho! My chelsea pls owner we need pep i love iz game nd iz ful of experience nd pls owner beg luiz shud nt b rlaxing wen plyin on d pitch i miss u jt

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