Liverpool: Double deal rumours rife

Liverpool are being heavily linked with a move for long time target Daniel Sturridge and Sporting Lisbon winger Jeffren.

The Guardian, among others, is reporting that Liverpool will press ahead with their interest in the out of favour Chelsea striker Sturridge. Considering the poor form of Fernando Torres, one might imagine that Sturridge would have seen more minutes for Chelsea this season, but coach Roberto Di Matteo has stuck with the Spaniard until now.

Brendan Rodgers seems to fancy the England striker much more than his Chelsea counterpart and a £15m deal is again being mooted. Sturridge does seem to fit the profile for the sort of players that Liverpool are looking to attract. He’s young, quick and mobile. His technique has been questioned in some quarters but Rodgers  seems to think that he can polish this rough diamond.

Jeffren, a 24 year old Venezualan, was spotted by Barcelona while playing for the Tenerife youth team. He eventually got 22 senior starts (3 goals) with the greatest club team in the world, but didn’t offer the requisite consistency and was sold to Sporting Lisbon in 2011. There he has played 16 times, scoring 4 goals.

We think that Jeffren is an excellent player and would be a superb signing for Liverpool. As for Sturridge, he would be a good addition to most squads and the persistence of the story would suggest that there is substance behind this rumour.

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1 Comment

1 Comment


    Nov 20, 2012 at 11:33 am

    Dear.liverpool fans all over the world plz let put hands 2geda & tell BRENDER ROGERS dat jeffren is beta dan sturridge plz can we

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