World star woos Chelsea

World star woos Chelsea


It has been the name on the lips of many Chelsea fans who believe that the final piece in the jigsaw is a high scoring striker. Radamel Falcao has set Europe alight in the last couple of years, not only with his volume of goals but the spectacular manner in which many of them are scored.

But such has been the success of the Colombian that Chelsea may now find a bidding war too rich even for The Stamford Bridge coffers.

A representative of the player, Claudio Mossi, recently spoke of interest from other London clubs.

‘England are crazy about Falcao,’ …..’Among the leading candidates are Arsenal and Tottenham. They are willing to hit the 30 million clause.’

Chelsea would feel confident of outbidding either of those clubs if Falcao expressed a fondness for The Blues. But, as it so often does, the speculation evolved yesterday to include Manchester City. City have seemingly been on the prowl for another striker for some time and the never knowingly understated Daily Mail yesterday suggested that the Manchester club have now turned their attention to the ‘£45m race for Falcao’

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Sooner or later we will surely see a proper bidding war between Chelsea and Manchester City and it will be mighty interesting to see who blinks first. But our guess would be that Manchester City have even more disposable income than Chelsea.

It may be wise then, for Chelsea to switch their attention to the sublime Neymar. Responding to transfer speculation, Neymar recently said:

‘It is very simple — if Barcelona are interested you listen, if Real Madrid are interested you listen, if Chelsea are interested you listen.’

‘To play for Chelsea would be an honour. Everything they have to offer is attractive to me.’

So, Chelsea fans, is Falcao the final piece or does Neymar boil your potatoes?

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  1. I adhere 2 inform al ofl my fans, both falcao nd neymer are ok. Anyone of them should join us in january. Up blueeeeeee!!!

  2. Falcao vs other player(s) other than Messi, Cr7 or Neymer i choose Falcao otherwise i choose him not. In this case Naymer all the way for his young age

  3. Well neyma s gud bt i think h s selfish bt can b corrected by RDM nd he s a promising striker, going t a better dan Ronaldo nd Messi. So i go 4 neyma. Bluezzz!!!!

  4. Wel, neymar is good bt to england he needs to b energetic to restle with tough defenders and 4 @least he has more power to over power ever difficult barriers at ease.

  5. I prefer falcao cos he’s very energetic which means he can sustain in England and he is D best striker in world football recently.So i prefer super falcao dan selfish neymar.