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Manchester United win, Chelsea win

Thank sweet jesus that, after two mind numbingly boring weeks of international football, the glorious, sexy, scintillating, tragicomic drama entitled The Premier League is back. I don’t know about you but I’m goin out in ten minutes to get me a stinking hangover with which to watch the footy tomorrow. WOOOHHOOOOO! Manchester United and Chelsea should win their games but there are few gimmes these days and Chelsea’s opponents, QPR, have invested heavily in the last few months. As for Manchester United, they should cruise at Old Trafford despite the seemingly everpresent injury problems.

So, before you go out for the weekend, or indeed whilst indulging in prematch hangover comfort food or a bit of lazy nookie tomorrow, click on the William Hill banner on this page and take a moment to GET YOUR MONEY ON THE ACCUMULATOR LAD (or ladette).

If you know what’s good for you that is. If you don’t know what’s good for you then don’t bother. Just don’t come crying to me with a cash poor wallet full of bar receipts tomorrow asking for hand outs cos I have just won three and half large and you haven’t. Because you didn’t do the accumulator. And I did. You impertinent fool….

Good luck! Love you!


15 Sep 2012 – Fulham v West Brom – Match Betting Fulham @ 11/10

15 Sep 2012 – Arsenal v Southampton – Match Betting Arsenal @ 4/11

15 Sep 2012 – Norwich v West Ham – Match Betting Draw @ 21/10

15 Sep 2012 – Aston Villa v Swansea – Match Betting Draw @ 21/10

15 Sep 2012 – Man Utd v Wigan – Match Betting Man Utd @ 3/10

15 Sep 2012 – QPR v Chelsea – Match Betting Chelsea @ 4/5

15 Sep 2012 – Stoke v Man City – Match Betting Draw @ 11/5

15 Sep 2012 – Sunderland v Liverpool – Match Betting Sunderland @ 9/4

16 Sep 2012 – Reading v Tottenham – Match Betting Draw @ 21/10

17 Sep 2012 – Everton v Newcastle – Match Betting Everton @ 5/6

A £1.00 bet at William Hill on the above outcomes

Estimated Returns : £3806.21

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Victor

    Sep 15, 2012 at 2:22 am

    I belive that chelsea will win there game today.

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