Manchester United: Moura close to signing

For those who are worried that the Lucas Moura deal is yet another that will raise the hopes of United fans before collapsing, fear not.

The last few years have been nearly seasons in the transfer market. Players such as Nasri, Silva, Villa and Benzema have been touted as future Red Devils before ultimately choosing other destinations.

Even this summer Manchester United fans have had to grin and bare it as Chelsea won the battle for the Belgian prodigy Eden Hazard.

But the omens for the Moura transfer are good. All parties now seem to want to conclude the deal.

Moura agent:

‘The player is my boss, I always talk to him. He determines what I do, my objectives. If he says that he doesn’t want to leave São Paulo, I won’t even listen to the offer. He told me to keep negotiating when I talked about Manchester United’s interest.’

“It’s a great offer. If it was an [impossible to refuse] one, he would leave, but he is happy at São Paulo too. If he stays there, life goes on.”

Sir Alex Ferguson:

“We haven’t reached an agreement. We’ve shown interest,”

 “Until such time we reach an agreement, we can’t say he (Moura) is ours.”

Sao Paolo:

‘I don’t rule out the possibility that in the future there are some sort of negotiations, because we received Manchester [United] with great courtesy and left open the possibility of more talks.

‘Manchester [United] came to us and their approach was serious. Other teams expressed an interest for Lucas, but only through the media in their countries.’

Unless Manchester United really start pinching the pennies, this deal will go ahead. If Fergie really thinks that this guy is gold then what difference does a few million make? United will ultimately make money on their investment, either in goals and trophies, or in cash form when Real Madrid try to buy him in a few years for megabucks!

Moura looks every bit the United player and we at soccersweep feel that, despite any rumours to the contrary, this deal is close.

Either way, we should have conclusive news on the deal soon. Watch this space.