Tottenham: The best man to replace Harry?


It seems disrespectful to start talking up replacements for Harry Redknapp without a full day having passed since his bizarre departure. But I suppose that you have to put your sympathy for the man into context.

He will after all be walking away with a couple of squillion, reputation completely intact, for a probable three week boozy bender and Surf ‘n Turf in the safety of Sandbanks before returning into another good job. I wonder if Liverpool might have had a punt if he had been available a little earlier?

Anyway, the press and bookies alike are suggesting that David Moyes is the overwhelming favourite for the position.

But what about Martin O’Neill? The sacking of the unfortunate Redknapp was crazy (Harry Kiri, if you will) and it’s so hard to replace him with anyone as good or as charismatic but Martin O’Neill is as close as you will get, in terms of potentially gettable managers.

Surely at some point, O’Neill will be tempted by a job at a top 5 club in England. He has of course got a great job at Sunderland but, with world class players like Bale and Modric to work with at Tottenham, would he not be somewhat seduced by an invitation to join Spurs?

David Moyes would be a sound choice. He’s a top manager. But O’Neill likes his teams to play with swagger and flair – exactly the sort of football that Spurs fans have become accustomed to through their history.