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Ronaldo to Chelsea?

It’s reported by a tabloid but it does seem to make some sense. If Jose did indeed return to the Bridge as most Blues fans desire, he would surely consider buying Cristiano Ronaldo. There are so many ifs and buts to the potential transfer but the two most unhappy people at Real Madrid might just be Jose and Cristiano.

Both need a lot of love and both seem to feel undervalued by their club and supporters. Jose Mourinho is clearly a fan of The Premier League and has been widely touted as the next permanent manager of Chelsea.

Meanwhile, Ronaldo has scored more goals than most fans have had hot dinners but still they sometimes jeer. Some at the Bernabeu feel that Ronaldo is too selfish and not enough of a team player, always opting for personal glory ahead of team gain.

He does though seem to have a very good relationship with Mourinho and, if he could could put his Manchester United allegiances aside, this story could well have legs. Ronaldo is a one man title winning machine and would surely rejuvenate an ailing Chelsea side in one fell swoop. Watch this space.


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