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Jose Mourinho’s latest decision has not gone down well at Man United


Manchester United’s home performances this season have rarely suggested that Jose Mourinho is making any progress.

The 1-0 win over Spurs on Sunday was one of the first signs in a while that the Special One’s plans might be finally coming together, but he’s still walking on a tightrope at Old Trafford, with one bad result threatening to put him under pressure again.

The Portuguese also needs to be careful with his man-management, though he seems to have repaired his relationship with Henrikh Mkhitaryan.

Nonetheless, it’s United’s staff who are now having an issue with him, or more specifically, with one of his more unpopular decisions.

The Sun have it that Mourinho has ordered workers to open up Old Trafford on Christmas Day so his players can train on the surface, which is, in all honesty, completely unnecessary.


Few Premier League players expect to get Christmas Day off, but they are usually only in for a short training session in the morning at the training ground.

Mourinho wants to hold his drills at 4:30pm, leaving staff very little time with their families.

With United sixth in the table, it’s not surprising the boss is going to extreme measures to get them back to winning ways, but there is a danger he’s going to alienate people around him with moves like this.

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