Jamie Carragher tells Loris Karius: “Shut up and do your job”


It’s hard to say which has been worse – Loris Karius’ start to life at Liverpool on the pitch or off it.

The goalkeeper was heralded as the man to help the Reds to the title, coming in as a summer signing to replace the hapless Simon Mignolet.

It’d be great to know what Mignolet was thinking watching Liverpool draw 2-2 with West Ham at home, with Karius making yet more blunders to undermine Jurgen Klopp’s otherwise superb judgement.

First, Karius was berated for his role in his team’s collapse at Bournemouth last week.

The stopper didn’t take kindly to that, hitting out at Gary Neville for having the audacity to criticise him.

Karius isn’t exactly making himself popular with comments like that, even if Neville is most closely associated with bitter rivals Manchester United. It would be far better for him to do his talking on the pitch, and his only chance of winning people over is by performing well.

As that didn’t happen against West Ham, Neville’s Sky Sports ally Jamie Carragher continued the feud.

“The keeper got criticism last week and he’s come out this week and had a pop at Gary Neville and he’s mentioned me,” Carra said during the coverage, as quoted by the Liverpool Echo.

“My advice to him would be ‘Just shut up and do your job’.

It seems the former centre-back was equally annoyed by the ‘keeper’s latest mistake as by his quips, adding:

“That is not a difficult save. His positioning is fine, he gets across, he reads it well and he gets there. His wrists, like the first goal at Bournemouth, aren’t strong enough.

“It’s not even in the corner. And Payet hasn’t even hit it that hard.

“I have bigger problems with goals like that than mistakes. Mistakes happen. Every keeper does that, but goals like that shouldn’t go in.”

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