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Fernandinho facing extra punishment for Fabregas incident


It’s unlikely that we’ve heard the last of the Fernandinho incident against Chelsea.

The Manchester City midfielder was one of two players sent off, Sergio Aguero being the other, after the Argentinian’s crazy challenge on David Luiz sparked a melee before the final whistle.

For some reason, Fernandinho felt the need to grab Cesc Fabregas’ throat amid the undesirable scenes, and he’ll now face a minimum of a three-match ban.

‘Minimum’ is the key word here, as the Sun report that the FA could choose to extend his suspension if they feel the seriousness of the offence warrants it.

As the newspaper points out, Joey Barton was once given an extraordinary 12-game ban for his behaviour against City while playing for QPR on that famous last day of the season in 2012.


Fernandinho may not have been quite in that league, but it’s possible the authorities will want to take a firm stance.

The only problem is that so many players were involved that it’s hard to argue the Brazilian was acting alone, and it did look as if Fabregas raised a hand to him first and went unpunished.

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