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Manchester United’s Managerial Dream Team



If things continue on this almost horizontal trajectory then there will come a time in the not too distant future when replacement managers are discussed seriously – amongst the media and even the Manchester United board.

Because Louis has spent over £200m simply to make Manchester United hard to beat.

And while the prospect of not getting hammered is comforting, United aren’t going to win anything playing like this.

Here is our shout for the top 3 possible replacements:

Diego Simeone

He too builds his teams from the back. But the counter attacking style of Atletico Madrid is highly efficient and sometimes breathtaking.

He’s got the energy, drive and passion to get Manchester United ticking and he would be our first choice by a country mile.


Pep Guardiola

He may be another boss who obsesses with possession but his teams tend to do much more with the ball when they have it.

Pep’s Barcelona and Bayern teams control(led) the ball but they tend to break much more quickly and play a more direct game than LvG’s zig-zagging up the pitch.

He’d be a sure fire hit at Old Trafford.

Ryan Giggs/Gary Neville

Many a heart would want Giggs to take over tomorrow. But, alone we question whether he has the managerial depth to mastermind Manchester United’s return to the top.

But with Gary Neville and Paul Scholes beside him Manchester United can’t fail.

Manchester United fans: who would you like to see at the helm next?



  1. Herman gateni

    Nov 27, 2015 at 2:54 am

    Every man utd player has potential to make man utd the best, but the problem is the slow pace passing style of van gaal making all players weak, not attacking, always passing backwards, not shooting out of the six yard box and being limited skill wise to perform to their full potential. Van gaal should go bring a more attack minded coach and rooney will be lively again then man utd will be the best like before .

  2. jmb53

    Nov 28, 2015 at 12:08 am

    Back to the future—GIGGS!!!

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