World’s best keen on Arsenal, but would Arsene pay the going rate? Report


Too Dear

The impossible conundrum may present itself to Arsene Wenger next summer according to reports.

Because some tabloids have suggested that Lionel Messi wants to leave Barcelona with Arsenal his preferred destination.

All great so far for Arsenal. But here’s the problem:

LIONEL MESSI wants a staggering £600,000 a week to play in the Premier League.

So, given the option of taking the best player in the world, in his prime, but utterly smashing the wage structure that Wenger holds so dear in order to do it, what would the Arsenal boss do?


We know that he finds modern football wages ridiculous but he could have the best team on the planet if he gave in to this request.

There is a very good chance that the Arsenal manager will never get to the stage of facing the actual decision.

But it would be very interesting to see what he would do. The player is, according to the report, keenest on moving to North London:

The 28-year-old Argentina ace is understood to favour moving to London, with the Gunners his preferred option if he quits Barcelona.

Letting Messi slip through his fingers would of course be the final straw for Arsenal fans who feel that Wenger is a spent force and too soft for the modern cut and thrust of top level football.

But a man as smart as the Frenchman would surely realise that Messi’s signing would generate Arsenal more cash then they could possibly pay the player.

Let’s see the brilliant Argentine in action.

Arsenal fans: can you picture him in the red and white?


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