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Manchester United legend absolutely ruins forward



He’s never been short of an opinion and his latest one may not be to all tastes.

But after Ashley Young made his latest attempt to draw a penalty for Manchester United, against CSKA on Tuesday evening in the Champions League, Keane launched a blistering attack which left no one in any doubt about his feelings:

“I think the guy’s a disgrace and if he’s a Man United player I’m a Chinaman.

‘..The triple somersault he does. He’s a disgrace. They need to get hold of him and say, ‘you don’t behave like that playing for Man United’.

He continued:

“Maybe do it once or twice, and make mistakes, but he’s done it nine or 10 times and he’s done it at his previous clubs.”

Regular readers of will know that we are similarly underwhelmed by Young.

With all due respect to the Manchester United winger, we think that he had a fantastic season last year in which he finally started attacking defenders instead of passing the ball backwards.

But he remains an arguably limited winger who has played for Manchester United in a period which will not go down as one of the club’s greatest.

The continued attempts to win penalties are a sign that he is desperate to help his team. But we have to agree that it incenses opposition fans and it’s not a very good example of the game being played at the highest level.

Manchester United fans: is Keano being too harsh on Young or is the ex-Enlgand international giving the club a bad name?

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