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Manchester United: Midfielder cleared for transfer, terms to be sorted out immediately according to report



We have heard from a lot of Manchester United fans who believe that Jesse Lingard deserves a chance in the first team.

He does admittedly tend to do well in pre-season.

But he got injured at the beginning of the last campaign, just as he was given a chance in the Manchester United first team against Swansea on the opening day. And he has only had a whiff of the first team since.

We are of the opinion that, while he has quality, he is not of the requisite level to be an important player in the first eleven for Manchester United.

And The Sun reports today that Manchester United will allow him to leave the club this summer – possibly for Bristol City.

MANCHESTER UNITED are ready to sell midfielder Jesse Lingard to Bristol City in a £2.5million deal.

Boss Louis van Gaal cleared the England Under-21 starlet to leave Old Trafford yesterday and he will sort out terms on the move immediately.

Lingard: Off?

Lingard: Off?

At 22, Lingard has been floating around the youth and reserve teams for years.

But he’s only played once for the first team and had four loan moves over the last 3 seasons – all to The Championship and all with decent results.

But the fact that few Premier League clubs appears to be showing a serious interest – only Newcastle may be keen – possibly speaks of his natural level in the game.

He may of course step up.

But what he needs now is game time and experience.

With Manchester United going for the title this season, he is unlikely to get that at Old Trafford and looks set to be the 26th player to leave the club under Louis van Gaal’s watch.



  1. DougT

    Aug 4, 2015 at 9:19 pm

    This one I do NOT like

  2. Spanish Red

    Aug 4, 2015 at 9:35 pm

    Very good. But I keep reading that he’s going to Newcastle, so somebody is embarrassingly wrong and has a source they should sack immediately. I don’t expect the idiots who report this rubbish to get sacked, even though they should. I know if I did my job as badly as they do theirs I wouldn’t remain in my position for long.
    Still, as the press seem quite happy with their awful reputation and are prepared to do nothing to improve it, why should I care?

    Read my blog at:

    • o2cui2i

      Aug 4, 2015 at 9:44 pm

      this wreaks of the Pogba blunder. Man U will regret this move. This kid is going to be a start for England and is being given away when he should be in the starting 11 for Man U. Why pay 30 million for a 28 year old when you have a player who could be a team star for years to come and you already own him.

      LVG is stuck on shock name value above anything else. He showed us that with his idiotic buy of Di Maria last year. only going to cost the team 15M to be shod of him.

      can’t fix stupid. LVG is going to leave this team in a financial wreck

  3. jmb53

    Aug 5, 2015 at 3:28 pm

    TIME TO SACK van gaal!!!…Lingard is a very good player and has enough quality to play for United… Why sell a good player? United should get rid of the bad coach NOT the good player! Time for the board to SAY NO TO van gaal.

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