Arsenal: Re-signing legend would be a Wenger masterstroke


Short term deal

The Telegraph reported this week on the notion that Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger may not make a marquee signing this summer. This is how the quote was decanted by The Telegraph:

Arsène Wenger has warned Arsenal fans not to take a marquee signing for granted this summer, citing Francis Coquelin as an example of why a price tag is not everything in modern football.

“The world has changed,” Wenger said. “The appreciation today of the quality of a player is just down with the money you spend. If we had bought Coquelin at Christmas for £40 million, everyone would say ‘What a signing’. I am sorry he didn’t cost any money, he is still a good player.”

We think that Wenger is relishing the newfound financial freedom to sign a big star each season. But every team has a budget and Arsenal still, arguably, need to address the goalkeeping situation, possibly add another defender and a defensive midfielder. Coquelin has been excellent but a player like Schneiderlin would possibly fast track Arsenal to success.

All this investment may leave them with little left for the world class striker which we also feel that they lack. So, while they bide their time on this one, why not take Robin van Persie back?

The Dutch international will feel that he has a lot still to prove after being marginalised at Manchester United. Injuries haven’t helped his cause but his future is beginning to look pretty bleak at a club who may well spend huge amounts again this summer.

Van Persie - Surely worth a nibble by Wenger if he's available

Van Persie – Surely worth a nibble by Wenger if he’s available

There would be initial scepticism, and even anger, from some Arsenal fans. But if Van Persie could rediscover his form he would be a wonderful short term addition to a squad which still requires another goalscorer. Wenger knows how to get the best out of the Dutchman and, at his best, Van Persie trumps anything that Arsenal currently have in terms of scoring goals in big games.

He’d come for song, bag a dozen important goals without playing every week and surely soon declare that it was a big mistake leaving Arsenal in the first place. And it would leave Wenger free to spend the kitty on other areas of the squad before making a marquee purchase up top next summer.

We expect more speculation on this one before too long. Arsenal fans: a canny, if initially unpopular addition?


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Eddie

    May 22, 2015 at 7:01 am

    He is still way better than Giroud! I would say bring him back!

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