PICTURE: The infamous Wenger Grin is Back

Arsene Wenger currently looks like the cat who got the cream, the tuna and the mouse to play with

Misplaced Glee?

One definition of insanity is doing something time and again, in exactly the same way, expecting a different result each time.

Many have levelled that criticism at Arsene Wenger over the last ten years. He’s always engineered potent attacking units but that matters not when the back line and midfield is being exposed by the better teams.

The cycle has looked like this. Ten good performances against the minnows, which leaves Wenger gleefully smiling like he’s finally cracked it, without really changing anything. Then comes a season-defining big match, where the traditional flaws are exposed and Wenger’s expression changes to that of a madman who needs carting away by the authorities.

'Police please - yes it's an emergency. there is a madman on the loose'

‘Police please – yes it’s an emergency. There is a madman on the loose’

When the big game has passed and the pressure is off, Arsenal start playing like champions again.

But, with a fine run of form under his belt (let’s forget Monaco for a minute) that classic, gleeful Wenger expression was all over his chops again after the defeat of Liverpool last weekend (picture courtesy of BBC Sport)

Misplaced Glee?

Misplaced Glee?

And, having also beaten Manchester United and City on their own patches this season, perhaps things are finally changing. The use of Coquelin and the purchase of Gabriel has exposed a hitherto unseen more Machiavellian approach by Wenger. Has he finally accepted that you need destroyers as well as creators to balance your side?

For once, we would like to see Arsenal spend their money on defensive reinforcements this summer. Yes, they need a world class striker to impact the biggest games. But, if Wenger signed a top keeper like Petr Cech and an absolute beast of a centre back, plus Morgan Schneiderlin for the anchor role, we think that the look of glee may for once remain on the Frenchman’s face throughout next season.

Wenger is a great man and a great coach, but there remain question marks about his overall philosophy and transfer dealings. While he is clearly an aesthete of the game, he patently wants to win the biggest trophies again. A great summer in the market and Arsenal can make that final step.

Arsenal fans: Is Wenger finally getting it right in the defensive areas?

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Fred

    Apr 9, 2015 at 10:04 pm

    Don’t think so Couqline is a revelation by mistake he didn’t expect the lad to perform this thus far otherwise he wouldn’t have loaned him out. 2. he’s the only proper holding Md. this far in the team if & he new that in January didn’t do anything surpose he’s out for whatever reason what happens to us ( Same problems year in/out). Don’t talk of Arteta he’s tried to convert him into that position and failed miserably. He Arteta good ball player going forward but lucks steel and composure to protect the back 4. always committing unnecessary fouls in our half & often caught out of position for his defensive duties. Song was better I know most will disagree in this regard but you can’t compare the two when it comes to protecting the back 4. Its only for Wenger’s love for MONEY that we’ve fallen this so law compared to others I repeat “LOVE FOR MONEY “. Till he does bring in another DM. and stop selling accomplished players NOTHING DOING

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