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Manchester United: Louis van Gaal gives United fans a great boost by stating that he could be open to signing a new contract


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Even though it has been another bumpy season at Manchester United there is much more positive feeling towards, and confidence in, Louis van Gaal than there was in David Moyes.

While the results and performances haven’t always been much better than last season, the big difference between the two managers is that, unlike his predecessor, Louis van Gaal gives us a strong impression that he knows what he is doing.

Conversely, when the going got tough under Moyes, he looked like a man on the edge of sanity.

So it will come as great news to most Manchester United fans that the manager has suggested that he may be open to a contract extension after the initial three year period that he is currently signed up for. We expected him to leave after this contract expired. But he is quoted in The Mirror as saying:

“This is my last club, but there could be five years still to go.

“I don’t know what how I shall react in the circumstances. When Manchester United ask me to extend, then I shall decide.

“I have promised my wife, but you never know.

“I’ve signed for three years because in three years you can build up something. The club agreed with that.”

Van Gaal hasn’t really got the best out this squad of players yet. But he is tailor-made for the Manchester United job.

He’s a great personality, an honest man with real integrity and a coach who wants his team to play spectacular football. Although he has some way to go to get this team competing with the best again, we feel that it’s only a matter of time before Manchester United are once more purring.

By the time his contract is nearing its end we feel that the board will effectively be begging him to renew.

Manchester United fans: do you want Louis to extend his contract?

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