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Manchester United: Final 10 game points prediction – will they finish Top 4?



Manchester United’s season started badly, then improved quickly, before falling into stasis since the turn of the year. It is a worrying status quo for United fans who are starting to wonder whether Louis van Gaal really has the answers after all.

Known for his tactical desire to get the ball from back to front quickly, one would have imagined that LvG was perfect for a Manchester United team who simply couldn’t get behind defences last season.

But he too is failing to make Manchester United more penetrative right now. Instead the ball is even more frequently played in front of the opposition defence and the electrifying counter attacks have all but disappeared from their game, despite the addition of Angel di Maria.

For our money, Louis will get eventually it right – he’s obviously still rummaging around for his best eleven. But the big question is, will he find it in time to save Manchester United from a second season out of The Champions League?

We take a look at the ten remaining fixtures to see if United can expect a top four finish (they are currently on 53 points):

Tottenham (home) WIN

On current form it’s a draw but we feel that Manchester United will rouse themselves for a much needed win.

Liverpool (away) DRAW

It won’t be pretty but United will scrape a draw.

Aston Villa (home) WIN

Must win. Will win.

Manchester City (home) DRAW

It’s hard to swallow but City are a better team than United right now – despite some dodgy results of their own of late.

Chelsea (away) LOSS

Chelsea could edge this.

Everton (away) DRAW

Everton are due an upturn in form.

West Brom (home) WIN

Must win. Will win

Crystal Palace (away) WIN

Not an easy one but Manchester United’s form will surely have improved by this stage.

Arsenal (home) WIN

Revenge for the cup defeat and a vital victory over top 4 rivals.

Hull (away) WIN

It could be decided by this point but Manchester United will take three points regardless.


Average points for 4th place over the last 10 years: 70.3
High: 79
Low: 61



  1. Your an IDIOT !!!

    Mar 15, 2015 at 8:50 am

    I guess you know the SUPERTRAMP song well ( DREAMER ) Because utd won’t get those results you so desperately need,Spurs have won there the last two years at ot,Liverpool will wipe the floor with use with speed,City will yet again win at ot,and I wouldn’t be surprised if Villa get a result…7th at best

  2. ola

    Mar 16, 2015 at 3:57 am

    so idiots get to be correct right? Why do you lash out at people because their opinion dont match yours… We now know who is a greater idiot after just one match..

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